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The Major Differences Between Care Homes and Nursing Homes That You Should Be Aware Of

Should provide for a n elderly person the type of care that they ‘d receive if they were living at home and being looked after by a member of the family or friend, the right care should cover all personal care, including, eating, drinking, washing, bathing, getting dressed, toileting and taking care of you if you ‘re ill. Medicare aide s usually look after the residents in this sort of care home, they are required to have an NVQ qualification in caring of the aged, ( please be advised that the level of care can vary in each home ).

home care homes aren’t customarily permitted to look after you if you have nursing homes wishes( see the article below for the required criteria need ed to be accepted for entry to a Nursing Care Home ) if this occur s while you are living in a residence then a full assessment would need to be manufactured by your GP, Social Services or the Local Health Authority. When choosing a home it ’s vital to think of not only what your need s are today, but what they are certain to be in the future, Residential homes aren’t duel registered anymore, but some ho uses do have within their group Care ho uses with nursing. So if in the future you need nursing care you could possibly be able to stay inside their care.

Covers all of the personal need s that are found in a residential care home plus there must be a need for trained nurse intervention that can ‘t be provided in a residential Care Home, the added benefit s of being nursed by trained Registered Nurses is apparent. Before admission to a nursing home can be made, a full assessment must be undertaken by the senior nurse of your selected nursing home along with your GP and Social Services to work out if your need s can be ful ly met by the home in question, ( especially if they ‘re helping with funding ).

If feasible you and your relative will need to visit the home to find other residents and staff and see the room that you will be occupying. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions when you go. So have a list ready.Examples of nursing wishes are difficult to define because each person has different desire s which have to be assessed by health care professionals and care plans drawn up. Usually nursing care is part made up of private care by health care helper s and medical intervention by trained registered nursing staff.


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