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Do You have a Disaster Plan for Family Emergencies

If you have elderly people in your family it is important to create a master plan for emergencies that allow you to take care of aging parents in the event of a medical emergency. A disaster plan is much more than figuring out how you are going to pay for the different disasters.

Weather Emergencies

Elderly people living alone face many risk factors that others may not face. It is especially important that you check on elderly family members, friends, and neighbors whenever the weather is extremely hot or cold to make sure they have the supplies that are needed to get through the weather emergency. Bring supplies that may needed and take note of the surroundings. Are there potential tripping risks, signs of depression, or signals of neglect or failure to upkeep the home? These visits are a great opportunity to gauge the situation and see if further action might be needed by family members to help out.

Hurricanes pose a different kind of risk. If you have a family member, friend, or neighbor in a hurricane prone area that is under evacuation orders it is very important to make sure that your relative not only has transportation to get where he or she needs to go but shelter when they arrive. Elderly people are often on fixed incomes and may face a much greater hardship during evacuations like this.

Falls, Injuries, and Illnesses

The other common problems that need to be prepared for among the older adults in your family are falls, injuries, and illnesses. These almost never come at convenient times and may come when people are busy doing other things. It is important to check on elderly family members frequently and check on their progress and health often.

Some things you might consider include setting up a phone tree where someone calls on certain days of the week to check on elderly family members so that every day of the week is covered and if no one can get in touch with your elderly family member someone will go by and physically check.

It may seem like a lot of work up front but the benefits of finding out fast when something is wrong far outweigh the minor inconvenience of a plan like this. It is small disaster management efforts like this that make it possible for older adults to maintain their independence and live on their own even longer. Unfortunately, living alone places them at a somewhat greater risk for unnoticed illnesses, falls, slips, trips, and depression.

Creating a disaster plan for your family will require a little bit of work and a joint effort by all involved to pull off well. If you all work together to get it done though it can mean a long and healthy life for your aging family members and a greater sense of family cohesion for everyone involved. There is no better way to bridge the gap between generations than caring for other generations. An emergency plan is one way of doing that.


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