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Seems like a good time to quit helping the disabled

When do you quit despite the odds? Some gamblers will say never, some wise ones will know the right time. Kenny Rogers made renowned a saying “know when to walk away and know when to run” in his song the gambler. But when do you quit helping people?

“Never.” says Allan Hoffmann of A&J Mobility Solutions. This was his instant reaction when asked only a few hours after a brutal media blast trying to defame both his business and personal reputation. The word never was wrapped with a warming smile from Allan whom thousands of Australians have come to trust as a “last hope” when faced with difficulties obtaining mobility equipment through normal channels.

The story of A&J Mobility Solutions started back in 1997 when Allan Hoffmann himself fell victim to ill health and was forced out of the work force and onto a sickness pension. After a three year punishing battle with ill health Allan returned to the work force as a trainee technician providing assistance to the disabled repairing wheelchairs and home care equipment. Three years later driven by a passion to help people Allan started A&J Mobility Solutions.

Today the company has grownup to be one Australia’s largest online suppliers of mobility equipment and has a client base in excess of 10,000 people. When asked has it been easy, Allan beams and replies “Of course not, that’s why I got the job.”

So what of the people behind this attack we asked Allan? The answer was really no suprise. “Opinions expressed in anger by these people for what ever reason obviously have not come from their heart so I select to forgive them completely, in doing so I don’t have an foe but someone I must try harder to help if ever I meet them.”

When asked of the future of A&J Mobility Solutions, Allan was predictable in saying “There’s still disabled people isn’t there?” 


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