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Safe Way to Treat Elderly with Hemorrhoids

If you’re caring for a parent who has hemorrhoids, below are a few tips in caring for them so as not to aggravate their suffering.

First thing that you have to do is to tell them to avoid using laxatives. Laxatives as a hemorrhoid treatment can bring more harm than benefits in the long run.

Instead, encourage them to take in foods which have laxative characteristics like prunes, prune juice, figs, and dried fruits as a natural hemorrhoid treatment. If there is really a need to utilize a laxative, take those fiber rich stool softener to bulk up the stools and make it convenient to pass.

To ensure the easy passage of stool, you can lubricate the anal canal with petroleum jelly prior to a bowel movement.

It may also be helpful to put them on a warm sitz bath or use cold compress. Allow them to sit on warm water to ease the pressure in the lower rectum then alternately use cold compress on the afflicted part. This may be done a few minutes everyday to provide temporary hemorrhoids relief.

A change in their eating routine is also necessary. Let them intake more fiber-rich foods.

Despite of popular belief, there are plenty of fiber-rich foods that are soft and easy to chew. For instance, oatmeal, barley, peas, steamed vegetables as well as stewed fruits have lots of soluble fibers.

Along with that, make them drink plenty of liquids as well. It is also helpful to have them drink water with meals, not between meals, as this can cause to soften the fiber and make it easier to pass. At you find more details, answers to your most important questions and methods to find the best treatment for your personal situation.

The elderly often feel bewildered when they are suffering with any disease. Hemorrhoids cause the patient to have an unpleasant feeling, so it is the responsibility of the younger people to spare them from the discomforts of this condition by informing them in tips to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.


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