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Prevent Falls by Seeing things in a New Light

One of the most important aspects of senior care is preventing falls. Fall prevention is vital because falls are the most common sources of injury related hospitalizations and deaths among seniors. Lighting or lack thereof is a common and completely needless cause for many of the fall related injuries that seniors most deal with and recover from.

Eye sight changes over the course of a lifetime. People who have had excellent vision most of their lives may need corrective assistance as seniors to see half as well as they saw at other times in their lives. There are many reasons for this. Poor lighting, even with the assistance of corrective lenses can cause people to miss things they would have otherwise seen and greatly increases the risks of falls.

So what can you do to spruce up the lighting in order to avoid potentially painful if not lethal falls for the senior in your life?

1)   Work together to change all the light bulbs in the home to energy efficient bulbs that produce more light. It will be a greater up front expense than cheaper, lower wattage bulbs but the results are a great investment in brightness within the home and lower utility bills as a result of these lights.

2)   Paint the walls lighter colors. Dark walls seem to soak up and absorb all the light in the room. If you are looking to lighten and brighten a space so that it is easier to see light colors or white walls is an excellent choice for brightening the room.

3)   Thoroughly clean all light fixtures, globes, and lamp shades. If you can’t get them clean or they are just very dark in general it might be worth your while to invest in different fixtures, globes, and shades.

4)   Install light sensing nightlights that automatically come on when it is dark. Make sure there are several of these in every room of the home – especially along the path from the bedroom to the bathroom.

5)   Illuminate all stairs in the home. There are all kinds of inexpensive kits and rope lights that are available to purchase to illuminate stairs. If you have trouble installing them yourself find a friend or family member who can do it for you. The benefits are well worth the investment.

6)   Light pathways outside as well as in. Coming home and in the doors late at night can present countless possible falling risks. Use floodlights and leave porch lights on to help light your path into the house. The brighter the lights the better. While you do not want runway lights that will have the neighbors protesting bright lights are not only good for safety but also for crime deterrence.

7)   Consider motion sensor light switches for rooms like the kitchen and bathroom that might have surprising or unexpected slip risks if there is a water leak or something. That way the lights come on when you step into the room and turn themselves out if there is no activity or motion in the room for an extended period of time. This also allows for hands-free lighting when your hands are full.


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