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Normal Glucose Levels : What Are Blood Glucose Levels In Diabetes Type 2. I Don’t Understand!

It’s paramount to know what the normal levels of your Type 2 Diabetes should definitely be. This is especially important when one has Diabetes Type 2. Even the smallest increase in blood sugar readings can produce damage to your eyes, blood vessels, heart and kidn. So, what are normal blood sugar readings and how can you stay in the acceptable limits? There are firstly, two types of blood glucose levels you need to have done. There is a fasting glucose check and a check 2 hours after you eat. Fasting levels should be less than or equal to 130 mg/dl (7.2 mmol/L). Following 2 hours after eating a meal, the blood sugar levels should be less than or equal to 180 mg/dl (10 mmol/l).


So, how do you remain within these ranges? A correct diabetes diet and adequate exercise will keep your blood sugar readings in normal ranges. Making sure your insulin levels are correct is another factor that assists with your blood glucose levels. How can you tell what your glucose levels are? There are devices that help measure your glucose level and let you know where you stand. These small devices are known as glucose meters. A Type 2 Diabetes person’s blood sugar meter works by reading a small drop of your blood on a test strip. The meter determines your blood sugar levels and provides you the results on its small screen.


It’s critical to make sure your glucose meter is in working condition and the test strips are properly inserted into the machine. Incorrect settings of the meter can produce the wrong results and you may think your blood sugar level is not right. This in turn can create the mistake of eating food to increase it or, having an insulin injection to low. Glucose meters typically come with manuals and charts to help you keep your glucose in the normal ranges. If you have any questions regarding your glucose meter, make sure you ask your health doctor for more info.


If you have Type 2 Diabetes it’s critical to keep up with your glucose levels and try not to fall out of range even a little bit. By keeping your blood sugar levels in the correct limits, yousignificantly decrease the risk nerve, kidney and eye damage by 40 to 70 %. Always verify your target blood sugar level with your medico as these levels can vary for different individuals. One should decresae their chance for heart disease to half by being in correct sugar levels withType 2 Diabetes. It’s sad that although all this useful information is available to everybody, try to keep their blood sugar level within the acceptable range. Because of this, many of them can find their quality of life diminished long before they are able to retire.


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