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Keep You Sanity When Choosing A Medicare Supplement Policy

It just happened! A new client told us how she almost lost her mind dealing with medicare supplement plans. But it shouldn’t have been that way .

She got mail (piles of it) and phone calls (at all hours of the day) from insurance people trying to sell her a medicare supplement plan from their company . There was one huge problem with what was happening . Every person she spoke with was an employee of one company, sold their product and that was it. How could she ever believe they had her best interest at heart .

If you think about it, it makes sense.  If they work for one company they have to make the sale now or risk losing her as a client . Well, we hate this method of doing business.  We believe in educating our future clients and offering them prices from every top company in their area . After ten minutes on the phone with one of our medicare supplement specialists, her nerves were as calm as the early morning breeze .

You see, every medicare supplement policy of the same type (plan f, plan g, etc…) is accepted at every medical provider that takes basic Medicare and has the exact same benefits . The laws governing Medicare require this . The only difference is how much each company charges for the policy . This is why our client was having such trouble .

Every other agent was selling for a company that did not have the absolute lowest price . Their only option is to try and close the sale in a rush so you don’t have a chance to get all the information . As an independent agent, we were able to show her rates from every top medicare supplement company in her state and let her pick the lowest priced plan .

Wow, what a difference that made to her. In just a matter of minutes she has cut her premiums by over $600 per year and had a better plan to show for it . Don’t let shopping for a medicare supplement policy be a headache. It really shouldn’t be.

Just make sure the agent you are dealing with is licensed and set up to represent every company in your area. That way you will know for sure that you are getting the best deal .  We have a team of licensed independent agents ready to help you.  But if you decide to call someone else, just make sure they represent multiple companies and have a good track record in the medicare market.


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