Senior Medical Alert System

A Guide To Medical Alert Systems For Seniors


How much do medical alert systems cost?

Medical alert systems vary in cost depending on the provider.  Some cost as much as $300.00 while others cost as little as $99.00.  There is also a monthly monitoring fee for the medical alert system. Typically, monitoring fees range from $29.95 to over $50.00 a month.  It’s best to contact a medical alert provider and go over the monthly options with them.  Beware of companies asking you to sign an annual contract.  You should be able to find plenty of medical alert providers who will go month to month.

When it comes to products and services, know that “cheap” does not generally equate to “best”.  So, when comparing medical alert systems don’t just choose one because of the lowest price.  You need to feel comfortable with whom you are doing business.  After all, having a medical alert system is not something to bet taken lightly.  Someone’s life could depend on it.


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