Senior Medical Alert System

A Guide To Medical Alert Systems For Seniors


How Medical Alert Systems Work

Medical alert systems are designed for simplicity. Most all of them on today’s market are plug-n-play systems.  Meaning that you simply plug the medical alert console into the wall outlet which supplies the power to the console.  You then hook up a standard telephone line to the back of the medical alert console.  They are so easy to setup that even young adults oftentimes assist their grandparents with the installation process.

Once the medical alert system is installed, here’s how they work.

1. In an emergency push your alarm button on your wrist band or pendant.  This instantly activates the console.

2. The medical alert console connects to an operator via a speakerphone.  This is a two way communication between you and the operator. The operator will call for emergency assistance or whomever you direct them to call.  The pendant or wrist band will generally transmit up to 200 feet in any direction.  In the event of a power failure, the medical alert systems will generally operate up to 32 hours with the backup battery.

3. Help arrives at your front door. Paramedics, police or the appropriate person will know exactly what has happened and will be summoned.

This is how most medical alert systems work.  They are very simple to use and understand for the people who need them. They really do save lives when minutes or even seconds are vital after an accident has occurred.


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